Yeongam solar power plant 93MW – Korea



The Yeongam Solar Power Generation Project is being undertaken by Yeongam Solar Power Generation Co. Ltd., and Daemyoung Energy and Korea South-East Power Co. will also take part in the project.

The company will build a 93MW solar power generation plant at a 2.96 million m2 site inside the 40MW wind power generation plant in Geumjeong-myeon, Yeongam-gun.

LSIS has announced its selection as a service provider for the solar power generation project, which is linked with the ESS (Energy Storage System) installed in Yeongam-gun, Jeonnam, with a total capacity of 93MW. The EPC project contract, worth KRW 184.8 billion

ESS with a battery capacity of 242MWh (PCS 78MW), a 154kV substation, and a transmission line, besides the 93MW solar power generation facilities.

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Korean, 2019


Solar power plant


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