Mong Duong Thermal Power Plant 1,2 (2320MW) - Quang Ninh, Vietnam

Mong Duong  1Thermal Power Plant is one of two plants of Mong Duong Power Center, belonging to the National Electricity Development Plan 2006-2015. Mong Duong Thermal Power Plant 1has the scale of two units. with a total installed capacity of 1,080 MW, annual electricity production of 6.5 billion kWh; was built on an area of 55ha in Area 8, Mong Duong Ward, Cam Pha Town, Quang Ninh Province; The total investment of the project is VND 33,614 billion, equivalent to USD 1.7 billion, invested by the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN).The plant uses coal fuel, traditional condensing steam thermal technology, near-critical steam parameters, modern fluidized bed coal boiler (CFB) technology.


Mong Duong  2Thermal Power Plant was officially started in Mong Duong Ward (Cam Pha City). The plant consists of 2 units with a total capacity of 1,240MW, total investment of about US $ 2.1 billion, invested in BOT form and will be transferred to the Vietnamese Government after 25 years of operation. This is currently the first and largest BOT thermal power plant in Vietnam using coal fired boiler technology. 

Time and place

Quang Ninh,  Vietnam (2012)


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Hyundai Engineering & construction

Scope of supply

12kV MCSG,H-MCC, LV, DB, MCP, BUSDUCT, Indoor Accessories, Testing & Installation.