Lotte Centre Hanoi, Vietnam

Lotte Center Hanoi (Hanoi City Complex) is the 3rd tallest skyscraper in Vietnam, 2nd tallest Hanoi. The building has 65 floors and has a modern architectural style inspired by traditional Vietnamese ao dai.

The project is invested with a total capital of over US $ 400 million, construction area of 14,094 m2, floor area of 247,075 m2, 5 basements, 65 floors above, 272 m high. From basement 1 is LOTTE MART supermarket. From 1st to 6th floor is Lotte Department Store. From 7th to 31st floor are Grade A office buildings for lease. Floors 33 to 64 are 233 apartment rooms and 300 luxury hotel rooms. Level 65 is the observatory and experience the sky walk glass bridge.

Time and place

Hanoi, Vietnam (2009)




Lotte E&C Co., Ltd

Scope of supply

24kV MCSG, 7.2kV MCSG, LV, DB, BC, TR, Mold-TR, Indoor Accessories, Indoor spare part, Testing & Installation.