LIG Quang Tri Solar Power Plant 50MW – Quang Tri, Vietnam



LIG Quang Tri Solar Power Plant is a solar power plant built on the land of Gio Hai and Gio Thanh communes, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province. The factory has an operating area of 58.6 ha.

LIG Quang Tri Solar Power commenced in December 2018, the project has a total investment of VND 1,125 billion. The plant's rated capacity is 49.5MW, the annual electricity production reaches 70 million kWh / year, the connection voltage is 110kV.



Time and place

Quang Tri, Vietnam (2018)


Solar power plant


CONSRICH Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Scope of supply

24kV MCSG, Indoor Accessories.