Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Plant 300MW - Binh Thuan, Vietnam

Ham Thuan - Da Mi hydropower plant is a hydroelectricity complex located on La Nga river in Dong Nai river basin. The factory is located in Binh Thuan province, with a capacity of 300 MW with 2 units.

The total annual electricity output of 2 Ham Thuan-Da Mi plants by design is 1,555 million kWh.

In addition to generating electricity, reservoirs also contribute to supplementing irrigation and daily-life water in the downstream areas of La Nga river, especially Tanh Linh and Duc Linh districts of Binh Thuan province, and at the same time increasing. flow of water to Tri An lake, increasing the power output for Tri An Hydroelectric Plant.


Time and place

Binh Thuan, Vietnam (2000)

Sectors Hydropower Plant


Scope of supply 24kV MCSG, AC-DC,CP-RP, DB, MK, Indoor Accessories