110kV Que Vo II substation – Bac Ninh, Vietnam



110kV Que Vo II substation is built in Ngoc Xa commune (Que Vo) on an area of 7,665 m2. The total cost of project implementation is more than 81.4 billion VND.

The scope of the project includes the following main items: Branch turn of 110kV double circuit lines, new construction of 0.658 km and rehabilitation of 0.359 km of 110 kV lines (Pha Lai - Bac Ninh route); to build a new 110kV TBA, a total capacity of 80 MVA, immediately install a 40 MVA transformer; protection control system, measurement of distribution equipment and communications (SCADA) equipped with global positioning signal receiver GPS


Time and place

Bac Ninh, Vietnam (2015)


110kV Substation


Power Construction Joint Stock Company 1 (PCC1)

Scope of supply

24kV MCSG, 35kV MCSG, AC-DC, Indoor Accessories.