Susol Busway

With plug-in type insulation busbar and high-strength aluminum enclosure, Susol busway is the optimum distribution system that can be applied from the main power to the load in LV systems of industrial facilities and buildings.
Susol Busway


High Stability and Reliability
  • High short time current capacity
    • Cu type: 2000A(135kA/1sec), 4000A(220kA/1sec)
  • High resistance to fire: 840°C/180min
  • Lower voltage drop, influences induction and noise
Compact Size
  • Smaller and lighter than conventional models by up to 40%
Environmental Friendliness and Lightweight
  • Adoption of an environmentally friendly insulator and high strength aluminum alloy
  • Due to the aluminum case, the maximum weight is reduced by 50%
Easy Construction and Maintenance
  • Convenience of assembly due to a special joint pack
Maximum Capacity
  • Al type up to 6000A
  • Cu type up to 7500A
  • Breakdown voltage over 30kV/mm
  • Batch extrusion coating system applied
Various Options
  • Grounding to aluminum case (over 100%)
  • Fault monitoring system


Rating Specification
Rated voltage AC1000V / DC1500V
Rated current Al 630 ~ 6000A
Cu 630 ~ 7500A
Rated frequency 50 / 60Hz
Short-time withstand
Al 2000A 121kA/1sec
4000A 200kA/1sec
Cu 2000A 135kA/1sec
4000A 220kA/1sec
Wiring system 3W, 4W, 5W
Grounding Basic method grounding to housing
Maximum capacity over 200%
Grounding type Housing over 100%
Internal Type 50/100 %
Resistance to fire (optional) AC 1000 V : 840 / 180min.
Degree of protection Indoor IP54
Outdoor IP65
Enclosure material High Strength Aluminum Extrusion (Thickness : 3 mm)
Insulation material Insulation Coating Polyvinyl Chloride
Insulation Spacer Lexan Resin
Conductor material Aluminum or Copper
Environment Altitude below 1,000m
Ambient temperature Max. 40℃, Min. -5℃ (Min. -25℃ for outdoor type)
Humidity below 95%
Allowable temperature
(IEC standard)
Housing 55K
Joint part 95K
Standard IEC 60439 - 1, 2