Solution Power MCC

Solution Power Motor Control Center

Solution Power MCC is the optimum system to protect and control low voltage motors used in industrial facilities with high performance, high reliability, safe operation, and other various functions.
Solution Power MCC


Adoption of a Wide C Wiring Duct
  • Efficient and safe for wiring work and inspection by further improving wiring workability and safety
Flexible Structure
  • Flexible working on a horizontal bus bar chamber, unit chamber, and general terminal chamber by dividing the height of the control centers main body at a constant ratio of 100 mm
High Performance and High Reliability
  • GCC-N type control center is the latest system that automatically connects and disconnects the main circuit’s power side, load side, and control circuit altogether when drawn out
Easy to Extend Units
  • Easy to extend units during operation even after installation by using a general terminal chamber or space of the main body
Easy for Maintenance/Inspection and Optimal Safety
  • Enough space for external wiring, easy maintenance, and inspection
  • A safety shutter may be installed in units on demand


Rating Standard specification Special Spec.
GCC-H Type GCC-V Type GCC-N Type
Rated voltage Max. AC 480 V  
Rated insulation voltage AC 600 V  
Manipulation & control voltage 110, 220 V 100, 120, 220 V
Rated frequency 60 Hz 50 Hz
Rated voltage (Busbar) Horizontal 600~2000 A 600~3500 A 600~4000 A  
Vertical 400, 600, 800, 1000 A 400, 600, 800, 1000 A 600, 800, 1000 A  
Rated short time current 42kA/0.5 sec  
Enclosure structure IEC IP20 NEMA TYPE 1 IEC IP42
Enclosure size
(W x D x H, mm)
Single front type 600 x 500 x 2350 600 x 500 x 2350 800 x 500 x 2350  
Double front type 600(630) x 550 x 2350 600(630) x 550 x 2350 800 x 800 x 2350  
Conditions of use Place of use Indoor  
Altitude Max. 2000 m  
Ambient temperature -5℃ ~ 40℃  
Standards IEC61439-1&2, JEM1195, NEMA, ICS2’232 ANSI C19.7, BS 5486