Oil-immersed Transformer

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Oil-immersed Transformer



There are different structures and methods of coil winding according to capacity, volume and its usage. LS has applied the optimal coil winding obtained through years of research and development. The size of the conductor has been designed to tolerate allowable currents, temperature increase, and the electromagnetic force that occurs in case of external short-circuit. The concentric arrangement that inserts primary and secondary coils based on the core is the standard method of arrangement with the insulation classification and mechanical force taken into account.


The iron core is made of sophisticated highly permeable magnetic silicon steel laminated with no secular variations and is designed to minimize the vibration and noise during operation by minimizing no-load current and loss through precision cutting processes. The junction between Leg and Yoke Core has been manipulated through precision processing of 45℃ to take advantage of directivity of rolling and has also underwent the annealing process at 800℃ to eliminate magnetic properties.


Being made of cold rolled steel, the tank is able to endure internal pressure, and it was also designed and manufactured with a harnessed mechanical force to prevent any deformation caused by external shocks while transportation or other factors.


The conservator and external cover of the transformer are connected through a suitable pipe with an oil gauge attached to it. In addition, the conveyor and the case are detachable, if needed, as they are assembled by bolts.


Rating Specification
Standard IEC 60076 / ANSI(IEEE) C57
Installation location Outdoor/Indoor
Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Thermal class A type 105°C
Winding temp. rising 65K
Oil Temp. rising 60K
Cooling method Internal ON / OF / OD
External AN / AF / WF
Voltage Up to 69kV
Capacity (MVA) Up to 80MVA
Conductor Al or Cu