GH-P Type Busway

GH-P type busway is a distribution system used for large-scale electrical systems such as plants, high-rise buildings, and electrical rooms.
GH-P Type Busway

High Stability and Reliability
  • Superior insulation capacity
    • Secure stable electrical and mechanical quality by adoption of an incremental launching insulation coating method
    • Prevents water penetration
  • Minimizes voltage drop by reducing the space between conductors
  • Perfect electrical joint structure between ducts (no bolting) and insulation conductor
Easy Construction and Maintenance
  • Compact and light structure
  • One touch joint method
Resistance to Fire
  • Uses a self-extinguishing insulator
  • Fire resistance through closed construction inside the duct


Rating Specification
Rated voltage AC 1000V / DC 1500V
Rated current Al 600 ~ 5000A
Cu 600 ~ 6500A
Rated frequency 50 / 60Hz
Wiring system 3W, 4W, 5W
Grounding Basic Case earth system
Option 3T X 25mm, 50%,100% GE : external type
Environment Altitude below 1000m
Ambient temperature Max. 40℃ (daily average 35℃)
Min. -5℃ (Min. -25℃ for outdoor type)
Humidity below 95%
Degree of protection Indoor IP41
Outdoor IP65
Allowable temperature
(IEC standard)
Housing 55K
Joint part 95K
(Enclosure & Conductor)
Enclosure Steel (FE)
Conductor Aluminum or Copper
Surface treatment Tin plating
Material (Insulator) Insulation Heat-resistant Polyninyl Chloride (Class B, RoHS)
Coating Incremental launching insulation coating method (Metal mold)
Resistance to fire (optional) FR type (Fire-resistance 750℃/90min.)
Standard IEC 60439-1,2 / KSC IEC 60439-1,2 / JIS C8364