Cam Lam Solar Power Plant 50MW – Khanh Hoa, Vietnam



Cam Lam solar power plant has a total investment of about 930,022 billion dong, invested in Cam An Bac commune, Cam Lam district - Khanh Hoa on an area of about 60 hectares. The total installed capacity of the plant is 50 MW.

Construction scale includes operator, solar panels, internal roads, connecting lines and transformer stations. It is expected that when the project is completed, the project will provide the electricity system with about 78.831 million kWh / year.

The project uses photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight directly into electrical energy.


Time and place

Khanh Hoa, Vietnam (2018)


Solar power plant


CONSRICH Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Scope of supply

24kV MCSG, CRP, LV,TR, M-TR, Indoor Accessories, Testing & Installation.